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The Basics of Business and Public Communication

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About course

This course aims at teaching students the best practices of written and oral communication in a business environment. Lectures contain material that lays the groundwork for students to be effective public speakers and business correspondence writers. Numerous case studies, exercises, and suggested role-playing games throughout the course allow students to hone their newly acquired skills and share their ideas with fellow classmates in the forum. Specific skills that can be acquired in the course include business letter writing techniques, text analysis, grammar and vocabulary suited for business correspondence, public speaking, and presentation methods, as well as the art of giving feedback. Individual work of each student is the key to achieving the best results by the end of the course. Hence, the course provides opportunities to practice writing business letters and analyzing texts and presentations. All work can be submitted through the system for checking and feedback.


  • Know: the main types of business and public communication, the structure of building effective business relationships, the means of creating successful presentations
  • Be able to: use the necessary professional and language skills to participate in business meetings and speeches, successfully implement business correspondence
  • Possess: oral and written language skills in business and public communication


  • ability to communicate orally and in writing in Russian and foreign languages to solve problems of interpersonal and intercultural interaction


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Antonyan Mary Azatovna


Course Staff Image #1

Apresyan Karine Henrikhovna

senior lecturer

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Zueva Ekaterina Anatolyevna



For the successful development of the course, students must master the language material (vocabulary, grammar, structural and language models) in a professional context; know the grammatical structures characteristic of oral and written professionally-oriented communication, the basic rules of logical construction of oral and written speech.


  • 1. Notions of business and public communication
  • 2. Networking. Small talks
  • 3. Meetings
  • 4. Meaning, importance, process and types of Feedback
  • 5. Strategies for speaking up effectively. Presentations
  • 6. Business letter

Weekly classes include watching thematic video lectures, working with additional materials, performing test tasks with automated verification of results. The final grade for completing the course consists of the results of the control tests for each topic and the final control for the entire course.

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